Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Wall Street protesters sweep the sidewalk in New York's financial district as part of a symbolic effort to clean up Wall Street. (Carolyn Cole, Los Angeles Times / October 15, 2011)

The Practical Buddhist Responds Briefly

Robert Thurman is an amazingly practical Buddhist and a great teacher.  Yesterday he showed up at Occupy Wall Street and talked to the crowd in the rain for about 10 minutes.  People were assigned to repeat his words so more could hear.  Problem was, they were laughing so much at what Thurman said they couldn't get the message out.  He did call the protesters "cool heroes" in the sense that they are compassionate, respectful, and non-violent.  

The Practical Buddhist is fascinated watching a powerful group with a message that hasn't yet fully formed. It's a process with enormous creative energy. These people long for change, listen to teachers and each other, and patiently wait for unified  voice to emerge.