Sunday, October 9, 2011

Selfishness, Shallowness, and Buddhism

Jennifer Aniston And Michelle Pfeiffer Talk Babies, Botox And Chair Throwing

Jennifer Aniston and Michelle Pfeiffer sat down with ELLE magazine toaddress baby rumors and plastic surgery – and having a bit of a temper (for good reason).
Jennifer wants the world to know that despite popular belief she is NOT desperate to become a mom:
“There’s no desperation. “If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. I’m at peace with whatever the plan is. But will you hate me if I say I don’t want to talk about my relationship?”
She also dished on a violent outburst:
“I threw a chair at a director.  It wasn’t my proudest moment. He was treating a script supervisor horribly… When the director walked in, I threw a chair at him. I missed, of course. I was like, ‘You can’t speak to people like that.’ I can’t tolerate it.”
Actress Michelle Pfeiffer tackles the topic of plastic surgery inHollywood:
“I’m all for a little something here and there – fine. It doesn’t matter to me if people have plastic surgery or they don’t, or if they do Botox.  But when people don’t look like themselves anymore, that’s when you kind of go, ‘Oooh,’ and it’s kind of sad. It’s uncomfortable for us, but if they’re happy with what they see in the mirror, does it matter?”

The Practical Buddhist Responds 

The Practical Buddhist worries that the quotes above say more about Elle Magazine than about Aniston and Pfeiffer, who may be perfectly generous and compassionate young women.  It would be so sad if cosmetic surgery were really the answer when "people don't like themselves any more."  It would be even sadder if their followers learned that violence is a right response to an insult.

And these folks do have followers and disciples, as well as admirers of their craft. Sadly, actors are more revered than great spiritual teachers.

By the way, how many "great spiritual teachers" living in America can you name?  How many movie stars can you name?

Here's why I like Brad Pitt. When he was filming Seven Years in Tibet a reporter asked him to comment on the Chinese Occupation of that country. Pitt replied with a smile "I'm just an actor. I don't know anything about international politics."  Fact is, Pitt has at least a modest history of philanthropy and social activism, but he doesn't equate fame as an entertainer with spiritual or social leadership, much less with wisdom.

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