Friday, December 30, 2011

Mormons: Why I Like Them Best

I live in Phoenix. There are a lot of Mormons around here. I like them. They fairly consistently practice what they preach, more than any other religion I have observed. 

Yes, the temples are triumphalistic in the extreme. Yes, they banned Negroes for generations.  Yes, they have beliefs and practices that seem odd if you're not used to them. They are sort of sexist. I know all that.

But they may still be my favorite full-blown religion. (I don't consider Buddhism a full-blown religion).

Mormons want everybody to be a Mormon. They send missionaries out to talk about Jesus Christ and about the Church to anyone who will listen, anywhere.  They are cheerful and mightily earnest about it. 

Mormons support the Church, big time.  No Mormon is going to be hungry or homeless if other Mormons know about it. Name another major Christian group you can say that about.

Unlike some big Christian groups, Mormons don't whine if they don't get government contracts because they discriminate or don't want to provide some services. They pay for the programs themselves and run them the way they believe is right. 

I have huge problems with Mitt Romney.  His religion is definitely not one of them.