Saturday, March 17, 2012

Forget Ravi, Here's a Real Hate Crime

This is the priest who denied a woman communion at her mother's funeral because he'd heard she was Lesbian. Fr. Marcel has been placed on disciplinary leave, but he's lashing out at his boss because he's sure he did the right thing. He's proud of it.  By the way, he also left the sanctuary when the alleged Lesbian gave her Mom's eulogy, and didn't go to the cemetery because he was "sick."

The Rugers student who spied on his gay roommate is a stupid, shallow boy who played a cruel prank. Because the roommate killed himself at the George Washington bridge, Ravi faces 20 years in prison.

This priest has had years of theology and a decade of formation to prepare him to minister with compassion. He's  facing nothing but crowds of adoring ultra-conservative fringe Catholics, to whom he's become a cult hero.  They'll lionize him 'til the fuss dies down, but he'll have a small group of ardent followers to bolster his ego for the rest of his life. People as hateful as himself. 

Fr. Marcel is the hate criminal, far more than Dharun Ravi.  His teachings and those of similar perverters of Jesus' message have created a climate that helps kill gay teens.