Wednesday, March 7, 2012

War on Women: Buddhist Response

  • The Practical Buddhist Responds

    Not what you were expecting, huh?  You thought it would be about the Republican Party, or maybe Rick Santorum, or maybe Saudi Arabia, right?

    Nope, the above headlines screamed from my monitor, trying to get me to buy a “women’s magazine.”

    Is that what really interests and attracts women?

    Or how about men’s magazines that promise flatter abs in 12 days, or offer the secrets of sexy nights with your latest squeeze?

    Is this was really interests and attracts men?

    My worry is that “men’s issues” and “women’s issues” are so trivial as to be embarrassing. Maybe they are boys’ issues and girls’ issues.

    Unisex issues in Time and Newsweek and USA Today are war and peace and health care and spirituality and parenting and philosophy, but when publications are targeted toward males or females  taken in isolation, suddenly we seem self-absorbed, shallow and silly.

    Are there issues of importance that are really gender specific?