Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Buddhist and the $5 Million Watch

$5 million dollar watch

Hublot's $5m watch
The white gold timepiece is encrusted with 1,282 diamonds, and will be shown to a small number of people at a corporate event in Basel.
It was created by Swiss firm Hublot and took 17 people 14 months to make, according to the AFP news agency. 
"We profit off the general growth of the economy in the region," Jean-Daniel Pasche, president of the Swiss Watch Industry, told AFP.
"There are many people who have the means to acquire a Swiss watch - they find our products very attractive."
The Practical Buddhist Responds
Let's just say you had billions. Would you have a watch like this?  How would you keep it safe? How would you keep yourself safe when wearing it? Would you get insurance? Would you worry about it being stolen? Would you be proud of it? Would you be embarrassed about if you wore it in front of poor people? Would you show your friends? Would you sell it? Would you give it to a lover? Would you give it to the poor? 
You know that's just the beginning of a long, long list. Every one of those questions would upset you mind and disturb your serenity and capacity for joy. 
That's why Buddhists, who try to enjoy everything, don't like to be too attached to anything. Little attachments distract us, and big attachments make us crazy and sad.
You can keep the watch.